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More than 1 billion people do not have reliable access to electricity.
Products designed to address this challenge range from solar lanterns that can be used for basic lighting needs to solar power and lighting systems with the capability to power appliances such as mobile phones, radios, fans, and TVs, in addition to lighting.

Comparative Charts

D-Lab’s Off-Grid Energy Group provides aggregated information about solar lighting products in easy-to-read comparative charts, allowing for more informed purchasing decisions. Information can be found in two forms:

  1. Full Product Database: allows for comparison of over 100 solar lantern and solar lighting and power systems.

  2. Products and Distributors by Country: information sheets containing information on products available in a given country.

Full Product Database

Our full product database that allows for comprehensive technical specification comparison of over 100 solar lantern and solar lighting and power systems that have passed Lighting Global's Quality Assurance testing.

Open Database

Screenshot of Full Product Database in Google Spreadsheets

Products and Distributors by Country

Country specific information sheets (PDFs) containing key technical specifications of the products available in a given country, as well as the contact information for local distributors of the products are available for the following countries:

Central Africa

Add a new distributor for inclusion in this database:

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Information Sources

The information provided on this website was obtained from research and testing conducted by D-Lab’s Off-Grid Energy Group and Standard Specification Sheets published by Lighting Global. All of the products included in these comparative charts have met the Lighting Global Quality Standards, certifying that they conform to minimum standards regarding truth in advertising, product warranty, durability, and system quality.

Additional Resources

Below are links to other resources that have information related to off-grid solar lighting:

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